Armed Robber Mistakenly Gets Shot by His Colleague While Trying to Snatch Someone’s Phone at Gunpoint (Video)

An armed robber has been served instant karma while trying to rob a victim.
It was gathered that the robber identified as Maxwell got mistakenly shot by his gang member while they were attempting to snatch someone’s phone at gunpoint.
However, his colleague whom he gave his name as “Small” left him to the mercy of a mob.
Some residents picked him up and interrogated him, where he confessed.
According to him, he had planned with his colleague to shoot a victim and snatch his phone, but his colleague mistakenly shot him.
He also admitted that the he lives in Oba, parked his own keke at Oba then went to MCC to see his mother, whom she gave her name as Franca Ogbuu, and his father, Denis Ogbuu.
Watch video below:

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