I Was Stoned, Abused And Lost Movie Roles -Kannywood Actress Safiya Yusuf Narrates Ordeal After Leaked N#de Video

Safiya Yusuf, a well-known actress from Kannywood, has discussed her experience after her n#de video was leaked in 2020.

The 21-year-old described the incident as the most depressing time of her life in a recent interview with BBC Hausa. She added that she spent three months inside and that when she finally found the strength to go out into the world, she was stoned by a specific person and received harsh criticism.

“That period was the most depressing time of my life,” she said. “I spent three months indoors, never even getting close to the gate of my house. When I finally found the strength to go, I was being insulted by passing individuals, and one person even stoned me.

The actress continued by expressing her gratitude to her

Despite the scandal, her parents and other family members stayed behind her. Safiya added that she had just taken a break and denied having been expelled from Kannywood.

Safiya, also known as Safara’u, is well-known for her part in the acclaimed Arewa24 television program Kwana Casa’in.

The young actress’ n#de video getting released and going viral was awful, though. Despite numerous attempts by the actress and other performers close to her to resolve the situation, the leaked film was reportedly the key factor in her losing her TV series position.

Not deterred, the actress became highly active on social media and eventually started singing as her own, continuing to pursue a career in entertainment.


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